About classes

Our Second Cycle offers you 7 options to develop, grow and be successful:


A. STARTUP RESIDENTS – teams ready to develop their own tech companies in the following spaces: Mobile, Cloud, Computing, Games, e-commerce, Social Networking, and Saas.


B. PROVEN TALENT - Ukrainian software and technical specialists ready to work directly for USA-based companies, within Happy Farm's Kiev office. As Ukrainian teams dedicated 100% to a single US company, they receive stock options in that US company. Companies like UsingMiles and Covercake will take advantage of this unique opportunity, creating DUDO's (100% Dedicated Ukrainian Development Office).


C. YOUNG GUNS - students from technical universities, ready to develop innovative projects and solutions for US companies.


D. JUMP START - special short mentorship program for students with interesting ideas.


E. THINK GLOBAL - Already operating a businesses -- whether small, medium-sized or large -- looking to enter global markets, and to develop their technical executives.


F. COLLABORATE WITH U.S. STUDENTS - Talented students from technical universities, ready to develop and collaborate with students from Stanford and Berkeley as a team.


G. COLLABORATE WITH U.S. BUSINESS - Young entrepreneurs who are ready to work as representatives of U.S. companies to develop their business in European markets.


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For additional information please contact: Alena Novgorodskaya +38 063 634 54 44