Business Accelerator

Tony Gauda

Founder & CEO @ ThinAir Labs

Dynamic, driven, and engaging tech visionary with a rare combination of high technical skill and business acumen.
Personally developed and sold enterprise SaaS products to several Fortune 500 companies
Over 20 years of software architecture, development (C, C++, Java, PHP, Objective C, and Python) and infrastructure (Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows) experience

* Near real-time AI powered fraud detection and management system for the credit industry

* Real-time AI powered fraud detection and management system for debit industry

* Web-based customer service and analytics platform for enterprises

* Web based rights managed encrypted messaging platform for enterprises

* AI powered adaptive learning and management system for students and learning institutions

* HTML5 powered streaming news magazine that allows instant searching of over 1 billion articles from millions of publishers

15 years business ownership and management experience.

Founder of Grail Inc. (February 2001 – December 2010)
Co-Founder and CTO of PrivSystems, Inc. (January 1999 – February 2001)
Co-Founder and CTO of Nexxware LLC (January 1996 – January 1999)