American Business Safari for Investors. Day 4

On Day 4 we drive down to San Mateo where will have our next two meetings. 

The first meeting is with Pavel Cherkashin, one of the leading business angels and early-stage private investors in Russia. In the past he has started and exited three companies in Russia: Actis Systems, a web design company; AdWatch, an online ad agency and Sputnik Labs, a provider of CRM in Russia. He also worked as a general manager for Adobe Systems, Siebel Systems and Microsoft Online Services.

As private investor and mentor, he supported several online Startups, including Tvigle, an online TV portal in Russia; Toonbox, a cartoon producer; ID East, a mobile app developer; and many others.

He talked for a long time about all his experiences. It was a great meeting covering all the different sides of investing.

After the meeting with Pavel, Victor Shaburov arrived.

Victor was the CEO of Handster, an App Store solution company offering a white label platform and aggregated content.  In 2011, Opera Software acquired Handster and Victor worked for them as the VP of a Storefront Services. He recently left Opera and he is now President at Botan Investment, a seed and angel investment fund focused on mobile apps. He is CEO of Looksery, a startup that is working on a mobile app about face recognition.

The investors were very interested in his story: the exit, the new company and his story as investor. It was a very interesting meeting. 

After the meeting with Victor, we drove to Redwood City to meet with Happy Farm alumni, Coursmos. We met Roman Kostochka and his team: Kate and Masha. Courmos is the world's first micro-learning platform. Roman explained what Coursmos did and how they grow to where they are now: more than 10 000 registered users, 70 000 viewers, 8 full-time team members and 13 part-time members and opened an office in San Francisco. It was great to hear the story of Coursmos and hear Roman's experiences as startup in Silicon Valley. 

After the meeting we drove back to San Francisco and had a nice dinner to wish Vadim a happy birthday.



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