Business Accelerator

Working schematic

The Happy Farm Business Accelerator recruits startup teams on a continual basis.


Main elements of the business accelerator:

  • Startups are project authors or teams involved in the contest and business accelerator program.
  • Board is the Supervisory Board established for collective decision-making regarding selection and development of startup projects in the business accelerator.
  • Board Advisors are successful entrepreneurs, specialists in one or more subject areas, having proven experience in the development and implementation of startup projects or experience in fundraising for such projects.
  • Investors are Ukrainian and international venture funds and associations, business angels, and private companies investing in business accelerator start-ups.
  • Business accelerator team (management team) - highly skilled professionals ensuring organizational, legal, financial, technical activity and administration of Happy Farm.


Participation Process



1st Board: top-10/20 residents selection


Acceleration program


2nd Board: top-5/10 residents for the US selection


American Breakthrough Internship