Advice Wallet

Social loyalty program to acquire, retain and understand customers

Advice Wallet empowers any local business to create a customized acquisition and loyalty program online in minutes.

The value of the service to businesses extends far beyond simple driving sales; it offers tools to build a lifetime relationship with customers and reach their social connections.

Customers are engaged with their friends in a game of earning points and exchanging them for valuable rewards wherever they go.

Advice Wallet provides analytics for businesses to keep track of their campaigns and convenient apps for customers.



Igor Shoifot

Brian Sathianathan

Paul Asoyan










Advisers: Bob Dorf, GiGi Wang, Vlad Voskresenksy.


Stanislav Matviyenko CEO & Founder

Pavel Matviyenko CFO & Co-Founder


Anna Polishchuk COO

Andrey Havryuchenko CTO

Business Tours

Happy Farm , Imperious Group