Mission    - TV-channel you trust! Hands free social platform reader. User generated TV content. Your friends are your TV. Customize your TV channel from your social feeds and interests. We take existing user-generated multimedia streams and merge them with social media streams (which we turn into multimedia) and generate TV-like media-streaming/viewing experience.

This is Umix TV! Do you have a particular taste for information? Are there only a few sources that you trust and use? UMIX.TV will help connect all your social accounts and plugins. UMIX.TV is the TV channel you trust. Now Facebook's and Twitter's online statics is replaced with the audio-visual dynamics of a TV format.


A trust revolution on TV!

Problem and solution

Umix opens up TV and mobile devices for social networks such as Facebook. Umix creates a TV-like media streaming experience, so Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. can enter TV advertising market and generate much more significant revenues. For businesses, Umix makes their social presence a lot more persuasive and pervasive. But, even more importantly, they change the very concept of UGC, making possible bridging the gap between user-generated and professional content from TV, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

They already have an application for iOS: The Android application is in the progress.




Igor Shoifot

Brian Sathianathan

Jon Nordmark


Advisers: Bob Dorf, GiGi Wang, Vlad Voskresenksy.


Viktoriya Balanovskaya CEO

Anton Gayenko CTO


Alexander Shmelyov

Valentina Gayenko

Mikhail Ershov

Olga Karaya

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