Happy Farm is a business accelerator that provides business development services for startup teams (or companies) and also assumes further support and investment attraction in startup companies.

The purpose of the business accelerator is the search for and commercialization of new technologies and developments in the sphere of information technology.

Happy Farm is:

1) Amazing International Board consisting of investors;

2) Top-notch international mentors from different areas with great experience in launching startups and with successful exits of their own startups;

3) A day-by-day pivoted mentorship program;

4) The unique place with deep dive and boot camp principles. Full immersion into your project, free from all distractions of everyday life! Enjoy the ideal conditions to live, so you can work non-stop in your own work space, with great accommodation and board;

5) "American Breakthrough":  our unique one month internship program to the USA - expand your contact base, attract partners and investors;   

6) 15 thousand dollars of live cash + 55 thousand dollars in services.


The main source of profit for Happy Farm is the realization of its own share after an increase in the capital of startup companies.