About the Board

Board is the Supervisory Board established for collective decision-making regarding selection and development of startup projects in the business accelerator.

Our Happy Mentors are a select group of the best, brightest and happiest entrepreneurial minds around.  We've handpicked just 30 of mentors!  They are interested in digital globalization. And they’ll go deep on your company. Their networks are enormous and valuable. Happy Farm mentors have started more than 25 startups, including InvisibleCRM, UsingMiles.com, Epsilon Games, Fotki.com, Marketing 1to1 and Ebags.com. They’re here to help you and your company succeed.

The main objective of a Mentor (Board Advisor) is to train and consult with startup team to achieve the main goal - increasing the value of a startup project. Each mentor is assigned a startup team. The Mentor (Board Advisor) accompanies the startup project from its involvement in the business accelerator program until sale of the startup - probably in two years.

 Main criteria for the selection of Happy Farm Mentors (Board Advisors):

  • previous experience mentoring successful startups;
  • professional achievements in the subject area (marketing, product, management, sales, finance, personnel, etc.), and a high level of professionalism;
  • experience in venture capital funding;
  • trade record of fonding or developing startups;
  • openness and accessibility for communications