CEO & Founder at Happy Farm Business Accelerator and LinkUpConferenceShow

A serial entrepreneur dedicated to technological innovation around the world. Her hunt for big ideas spans the globe as she connects with visionary thinkers, startups, mentors, investors, and other crazy individuals on the quest to bring positive change through technology. Anna is a powerful female speaker, an inspiring mentor, and an international juror of startup battles.

At 26, she launched her first company, which helped educate 150,000 Ukrainian students. At 28, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. At 31, she launched the first tech accelerator in Ukraine. At 33, she started her first venture fund. At 36, in Kazakhstan, she worked with the Minister of Energy, Minister of Innovations, and the Prime Minister himself to help build a tech ecosystem. And at 38, she moved to the US and developed a revolutionary idea for a trailblazing tech conference that will disrupt the current boring format. Anna was nominated for “Women-Led Startup in Tech of the Year” and “Remote Transformation Leader of the Year” in 2020.

Anna's enthusiasm elevates and sustains her team at the LinkUpConferenceShow. She says, “I fiercely believe in my people and our projects, and I have the skills and the drive necessary to break through the walls and reinvent the rules.”


An Experienced and Engaging Speaker that makes everyone feel comfortable and connected.

1. NO is only the beginning of a conversation: goal achievement.

2. Managing uncertainty: a history of pivots and overcoming the odds.

3. The importance of process in management.

4. Leadership, Self-motivation, & Self-discipline: pushing through space and time.

5. Feminine power in business contexts.

6. How to quickly build a team from around the globe: experience and practice.

7. How to build a complex project with partners.

8. What you need to know to build a project: key focus areas.

9. How to launch a product: a step by step action plan.

10. Project budgeting: how to do big things with little money.

11. How to quickly adapt to global markets.

12. Finding Balance: Harmony in Business and Family.

13. Take it to the Max!

14. Making Your Way As A Woman in Tech.