Board of Directors


Participation Process for residents

  1. 1. Projects contest

    Do you have a promising innovative project – apply quickly and join the program. Ten projects will become residents of the business incubator, based on their presentations to the Board.

  2. 2. Work at Happy Farm

    The 10 best projects receive the status of “business accelerator resident” and are launched. The work includes professional training, coaching, and project development. A mentor is assigned to each project and necessary resources are allocated. The Board selects the 5 best projects after two months.

  3. 3. The American Breakthrough

    Five startups will be selected to attend meetings, events and parties in Silicon Valley where they will meet with potential partners and distributors, and venture investors during their stay in the United States.

  4. 4. Attracting investment

    Then, the five startups continue product development for the purpose of attracting further investment.