Svitstyle.com.ua a colorful women clothes aggregator that feels like you’re shopping in a traditional way with only one difference - you can purchase from hundreds shops at once! Shopping like a cherry on top of the cake!

The project goal is to streamline the online search for clothes. To change the approach to online shopping, improve it and simplify the search of word combinations. Shopping is as easy as eating the cherry from the top of the cake!






Problem and solution

Buying shoes in a particular color, a purse, clothes or accessories is no longer a problem! And, what's more, there are no problems with delivery and payment for goods in Ukraine. And there are only trusted sellers!  The dream of an online shopaholic comes true thanks to a convenient and rapid search of color combinations and the selection of looks. The best possible tool for an image maker!

Three out of five shopping trips end in failure as the shopper cannot find what he/she is looking for. Svitstyle's latest data: when it comes to the time spent shopping offline and online they say that on average people need five times more time to find a product in a conventional store or a shopping center. Those who started to buy goods online in 99% of cases do not return to offline retail. On top of that, the increase of the Ukrainian audience in the last year was actually down to the increase of the female audience - traffic in Ukraine rose by 40%.

The search for female clothes—the Svitstyle.com.ua color aggregator—enables you to shop in hundreds of stores simultaneously, among more than a hundred thousand products. The store’s daily traffic ranges between 10 - 15,000 people.

So, Svitstyle makes shopping easier by helping stores organize a single meeting place for women and for goods. Being a trustworthy source, it satisfies customers' needs in a single place, saving both time and money.

The color aggregator's niche is not in the search for prices but in the offer of a unique product - combinations of color and cross selling. This is what makes it different from other aggregators.

The project's next step is the introduction of the product's alpha version, structuring of cooperation with shops and launch of customer loyalty programs.

The product's potential growth in Ukraine accounts for more than 2,500 online stores, more than 10,000 actual stores and maximum growth of the potential audience of more than one million women is just 10% of 17 million users in Ukraine.


Taras Rodtsevych "Once my wife bought a cherry purse and we spent one week desperately searching for matching shoes. This cherry eventually became our logo." 



Vlad Voskresenskiy



Taras Rodtsevych


Taras Kovalchuk

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