Beondesk - virtual desktop in the cloud that connects multiple web services and applications together and allows you to access all of their services from any device and from any location. Any user can get a personal desktop with is own set of applications and settings.

Beondesk.com is a cloud platform of services, websites and applications with a user-friendly and simple interface. Now, to have access to any of your documents, you don't need to call and ask anybody to send you anything. You can simply access your desktop from any device.


Safety of transition into various platforms.





Problem and solution

Users of various devices in 99% of cases use only browsers to perform all necessary tasks - mail, search, social networks, sending of documents, listening to music and watching videos. The operating system has almost lost its relevance for these tasks. Everything can be done from a browser and this trend has been long established.

We solve the problem of people who use the same applications in various devices. For example, when we replace an operating system for all types of devices we ensure the secure transition from one platform to another.

Consolidation: This will be a free service, converting a website or application to its platform. Regardless of the device this web solution will function at any place in the world. You need to customize your desktop only once.

Access: The product helps to save time - there's no need to memorize, save or transfer information. This is simultaneous work with several applications, which doesn't require permanent registration. It facilitates simultaneous access to various streams of information and quick access to information through small windows.

Storage: You transfer everything you have in your computer into a single platform that you personally require. Services, bookmarks, widgets, applications, games, networks, software. In the future it will look like you are watching TV and then you have a pop-up window informing you of a new mail or a new message on Twitter.

Unique settings may be systematized for different target audiences, such as for university students who need a timetable, news, library and forum. Each company may develop its own desktop and give their employees access to it.  These are innovations and the future lies with customized operating systems. 

The team's immediate objective is the release of an alpha version and end-user testing. There are no direct competitors. Google Chrome started work in this area but it is not a system product. The primary task is to become global and to compete with AppStore and Google Market, and to become a platform for application development and promotion.


The project was created for personal use, to be able to use TV, PC and telephone simultaneously and equally efficiently.



Igor Shoifot

Paul Asoyan

Vlad Voskresenskiy



Bob Dorf, GiGi Wang


Roman Dunin

Alena Demochko

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