The UGIFT service is a complex of services for production and sales of gift cards with delivery by email, via social network, SMS or by courier. The UGIFT project allows people to get closer to each other and to express their feelings.


Comfortable relationships.




Problem and solution

The gift card service offers a convenient way to give presents. The idea of the project is that this universal gift card is neither money nor your idea of a perfect gift, but total freedom of choice with a high level of effectiveness.

The problem this project is solving is that specialized cards, which are now very much the norm, are just not enough anymore. With a gift card you cannot visit a restaurant or go for a massage, or you can use a gift card for a session at a beauty salon but you cannot use them to buy ancillary products.

Another problem that the gift card store has solved is the price of the card and the goods or the services that the client receives. The extra charge for such cards is usually more than 100%. The gift card market is highly competitive and the time has come to introduce the highest standards of customer support. Competitive offers don't pay much attention to the base of gift network participants and they compete with each other, making the same offers and not solving the main problem of the users - a unique personal gift without too much stress and headache.

The basic rule of the project is flexibility! You can choose to buy a gift for any resident of Ukraine, even if you live in Moscow, Seoul or London. The card can be delivered by courier, by email or can be published on a Facebook wall. Then your friend activates it on the website and goes to the shop to purchase gifts for the whole value of the card.

The target audience of the project is innovators, who are ready to experiment and want their gifts to be modern. These are young people who don't worry about their choice. They prefer to spend as little time as possible on their shopping or choosing a gift, trusting this to modern services. As of today the average value of a gift card is 500 hryvnias.

In the USA alone the gift card market is estimated to be worth $115 billion. It is more than $7 billion in Russia and over $10 million in Ukraine. The gift card market is a growing one for Russia and Ukraine. Some companies take part in the establishment of a gift card market and the development of a gift card culture. Unlike counterparts, for the first time not just any services but institutions and retail were taken as the basis for the product.

Gift cards will function at all checkout areas as a way of boosting delayed sales. The number of online users is growing and the number of consumers and user searches is also increasing.

As this project is designed for B2C and B2B audiences, the project needs to be scaled up not only for Ukraine, but also Russia and European countries.

The company's principal development directions are the expansion of a sales network, engagement of partners from the HORECA segment, retail, online stores, malls and attracting investment.


The idea of this service came to Ken Leaver, an American citizen and founder of the project, when he came to Ukraine and discovered that this segment was completely undeveloped.



Igor Shoifot

Paul Asoyan

Jon Nordmark






Ken Leaver Chairman of the Management Board

Andrey Zhivolovich CEO


Yekaterina Rud'ko Affiliate Network Manager

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