Beginning of cooperation!

Today the first master-class from Anna Degtereva has taken place in the capital of the Republic of Tajikistan, Dushanbe. IT Business Incubator, the Partner of Happy Farm has invited startups, entrepreneurs and investors to this event in the Serena Hotel.


The topic of the master class was "Entrepreneurship: Are you serious?".  Anna literally fascinated the participants of her energy and profound knowledge of the topic. Her huge experience of work with startups, unique knowledge of the principles of "launch" them into orbit make each master-class unique. In view of certain partnerships - Happy Farm became a mentor of IT Business Incubator - Anna offered to organizers a kind of step by step instruction of creation a business accelerator in Dushanbe.

Well, at the master-class, participants heard about skills and abilities possessed by CEO and founder of a startup, how to organize teamwork effectively, what is the most important factor in the relationships with investors and much more. "If you want to start a business just because it is fashionable or your parents want it, then don’t even strain, it will not work. But if your idea is a great desire to achieve the goal in spite of everything, then go ahead! But remember that you need strict discipline and work 24/7/365. The pace of work on the results is high, but it leads to realization of your dreams! "

In addition, Anna told how to properly and effectively present your startup to investor, named the most common mistakes of entrepreneurs in dealing with investors, and how to" sell" your own vision of the investor. Also she told why planning and discipline are the key factors of the teamwork, and what it means "to exceed the expectations of the investor."

Participants of the master class, threw Anna a lot of questions. Of course, there was not enough time, but all parties are confident that one master-class will not do enough, there must be teamwork. And it's come.


Top 5 recommendations from Anna Degtereva:

  1. 1. The leader must have a clear picture of the future.
  2. 2. You must learn to "sell" your vision of the investor.
  3. 3. Strict discipline and planning are the key factors of the success teamwork.
  4. 4. Monitoring and control are vital to startups.
  5. 5. You need to exceed the expectations of the investor.