Happy Startup Workshop with Madeline Duva: Bootstrapping Your Startup

Happy Farm tech startup incubator and Chasopys creative space invite you to the open workshop with Happy Farm mentor Madeline Duva (San Francisco, USA).

What is bootstrapping? It is a situation in which an entrepreneur starts a company with little capital. An entrepreneur is said to be boot strapping when he or she attempts to found and build a company from personal finances or from the operating revenues of the new company. There’s a heated debate in the tech startup world: should you bootstrap a company or raise money from investors?

Join us and awesome Madeline on September, 6th in Chasopys and find out:

-      What is bootstrapping and what are its main benefits and disadvantages, how the mechanism of bootstrapping works

-      What startups should choose bootstrapping instead of raising venture capital

-      Useful tips for bootstrapping your startups.

Ms. Duva, an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience, has been instrumental in developing and executing strategic initiatives throughout her career. After several years at Fidelity Investments, she moved to Silicon Valley where she has held senior managerial posts at Communication Intelligence Corp, PenOp, Dejima, and Revere Data. Before starting her own consulting firm advising start-ups, Ms. Duva was CEO of China MobileSoft, which developed a complete Linux platform for mobile phones. In 2005, CMS was successfully acquired by PalmSource, where she held the position of VP Silicon and ODM partners. PalmSource was acquired by ACCESS. Ms. Duva sits on the advisory boards of a number of companies including Eye-Fi (www.eye.fi), Phone Halo (www.phonehalo.com), Parrot (www.parrot.com), and SplashTop (www.splashtop.com). Ms. Duva received her BA and MA with honors in LAS/Economics from Vanderbilt University.

Date: Friday, September, 6. Time: 7:00 PM. Place: Kiev, Creative Space 'Chasopys', 'Biblioteka' Hall

Adress&Maps: L. Tolstoy Str., 3 http://www.chasopys.ua/#google-map

Registration is required. Pls register here: http://happyfarm-m-duva-bootstrapping-chasopys.eventbrite.com/

Attention, attention! The ticket costs 50 UAH (you have to pay in Chasopys just before the event).

For additional information please contact:

For startups - Alena Kalibaba +38 (050) 358 88 99
For mass media - Danuta Pisarenko +38 (067) 301 67 44