Happy Farm has selected 8 startups for the third cycle of its acceleration program

Happy Farm has selected residents for the third cycle of its acceleration program.

Here are the 7 selected IT projects from Ukraine, China, Italy and Uzbekistan:

Neuronsbox (China) is an advanced service for Machine learning and Statistical analysis based on cloud computing, that allows you to make sense of your data using powerful machine learning techniques. www.neuronsbox.com

Hashtago (Ukraine) combines both: B2B web-service that allows to run and manage cross-platform hashtag-centered marketing campaigns in social media (with integrated data-mining and analytics) and B2C hashtag campaigns aggregation service for participants. www.hashtago.com

Microtenders (Ukraine) is a service that allows SMEs to quickly and easily find the suppliers of goods and services, and place them in a competitive environment, to get the best deals. www.microtenders.com

Keypic (Italy) is an antispam service without any need of CAPTCHAs. Instead of them, we insert advertising banners. www.keypic.com

Be healthy (Uzbekistan) is a mobile application that takes care of your well-being. It can search for your medicine lists using convenient filters, look for the addresses of the pharmacies, save your health history and remind you to take pills.

Also included in the final 7 are two Ukrainian class C resident startups:

NewZmate is a news reading service that aggregates news around real-life events. In just one click users can pin any valuable news with NewZmate and then get everything related to the selected topic in one place. In addition, NewZmate provides a wide range of tools to make news reading fun, simple and time efficient. http://www.newzmate.com/

EyeDoc is the software that can reduce the negative impact of a computer on your eyes. It is based on eye tracking technology using a web-cam. EyeDoc determines deviations from the user's sanitary standards of computer use by analyzing images of eyes and outputs notifications.  www.sightwatcher.com

These projects have undergone a two-week learning program at Happy Farm in July of 2013. Then a decision was made by an international board of the incubator about their participation in the third cycle as full residents. In addition, one of the startups, NewZmate, was selected for a one month internship in the USA together with the startups of a second cycle, starting from the 4th of September.

Additionally, project Dokity has already been selected for class C. Dokity is a service for a quick and comfortable data exchange in business communications. http://dokity.com

The selection of projects for the third cycle started in May of 2013 and officially ended on the 27th of August. There were 170 applications submitted this season.

On the 2nd of September the acceleration programme for startup residents of Happy Farm has begun. It includes a mentorship program in Ukraine (for 2 months), “American Breakthrough” –a trip to the USA (for 1 month) as well as the post-project support and attracting investments following the return to Ukraine (for 2 months). Members of the Happy Farm international board will provide training for the startup teams, to prepare them for the global scaling, together with international mentors.

The registration of applicants for the fourth cycle of an acceleration program of the Happy Farm incubator, which will start in January, 2014, is now open.