Happy Farm Business Incubator completes its first cycle and announces a competition for Second Cycle Startups


Dear friends! We are coming to the end of a most successful first cycle and are looking forward to our next batch of new, happy, daring and globally oriented tech projects! The specially chosen will become RESIDENTS in Happy Farm’s second cycle starting in May 2013!


1) Amazing International Board consisting of investors;

2) Top-notch international mentors from different areas with great experience launching and with successful exits of their own startups;

3) Day-by-day pivoted mentorship program;

4) The unique place with deep dive and boot camp principles. Full immersion into your project, free from all the distractions of everyday life! Enjoy ideal conditions of life and non-stop work with your own work space, accommodation and board;

5) "American Breakthrough":  our unique one month internship program to the USA - expands your contact base, attract partners and investment;   

6) 15 thousand dollars of live cash + 55 thousand dollars in the form of services.

Our Second Cycle offers you 7 options to develop, grow and be successful:

Class A. STARTUP RESIDENTS – teams ready to develop their own Tech projects; Mobile, Cloud, Computing, Games, Social Networking, Saas etc.

Class B. PROVEN TALENT- IT specialists ready to work on a project to outsource major USA companies, and in exchange receive a share in the company.

Class C. YOUNG GUNS - students from technical universities, ready to develop innovative projects and solutions for US companies.

Class D. JUMP START - special short mentorship program for students with interesting ideas.

Class E. THINK GLOBAL - Already operating businesses, whether small, medium-sized and large looking to enter global markets, and to develop their technical executives.

Class F. COLLABORATE US STUDENTS. Talented students from technical universities, ready to develop and collaborate with students from Stanford and Berkeley as a team.

Class G. COLLABORATE US BUSINESS. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to work as representatives of U.S. companies to develop their business in European markets.

Sound interesting? Want to know more?

Choose your class and apply now!

DEADLINE for submitting applications: 10 May 2013 on our website happyfarm.com.ua

Attention, attention! Accepting applications for STARTUP RESIDENTS only if you have:

1) Video of your product (English)

2) Active profiles on social networks: Angel.co, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Need help? No problem! Join us at Happy Farm on Tuesdays and Fridays when we will help you make a video with our equipment and will show you how to work with Angel.co.

We are waiting for you right now!