Public lecture of Microsoft veteran Mark Zbikowski was held in Happy Farm on June, 4th

Mark Zbikowski, a former architect of Microsoft and pioneer in the field of software development,  visited Ukraine. His public lecture was held on June, 4th at Happy Farm Business Incubator.  It was a joint event of the grant fund GTF and Happy Farm.

Mark Zbikowski  is now Senior Technical Consultant of Parallels, lecturer at the University of Washington. Previously, at Microsoft, he led development of MS-DOS, OS / 2, Cairo and Windows NT. Mark is one of the main architects and developers of Windows NTFS, the most popular file system, and also was one of the first computer hackers.

The event gathered about 50 people, including Happy Farm second cycle residents.  In his speech Mark focused on technical aspects of product development. During Q&A session Mark Zbikowski told about the peculiarities of product development in Microsoft.