Welcome Happy Farm in Dushanbe!

If you are feeling like the life is passing by and the most interesting things are not going to happen - you're wrong! An invitation to the workshop of Anna Degtereva at IT-Business Incubator (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) is beginning with these words. Thus organizers invite startups, entrepreneurs and investors to the unique and the very first meeting with Anna in Tajikistan to join a discussion under such an up-to-date topic: ‘Entrepreneurship: Are you serious?’

As part of the master-class Anna will tell you about skills and abilities possessed by CEO and founder of a startup, how to organize teamwork effectively, what is the most important factor in the relationships with investors and much more.

During the meeting you will also learn how to "sell" your own vision to the investor, why strict discipline and planning is so necessary, why these elements are the key factors of the teamwork as well as the essential components of a startup and how to beat investor’s expectations.

The two-hour case will consist of the master-class and Q&A session.

Anna`s vast experience will certainly be very useful for young entrepreneurs of Dushanbe because for sure Anna knows how effectively combine efforts of start-ups, experts and venture capitalists, how to create a common platform for the development of high-tech and profitable companies, as well as to successfully conduct, develop and direct the company, releasing them into the big business world.

Also we are very glad to announce that Happy Farm Business accelerator had become a partner and a mentor of IT-Business Incubator Tajikistan!

It is through such cooperation the moderation of establish the concept of the business incubator in Dushanbe took place. Anna told about all aspects, from the strategy till mechanics, including all business processes. Participants of the moderation were impressed by energy and volume of information. As it is written on the page of the IT Business Incubator on Facebook: "Anna is wonderful, kind, interesting person. The most important thing - she is a professional in her field! We soaked up every word of her."


Thus the first day's ended. To be continued, because there are a huge amount of work. Schedule of Anna and her team is very tight. It has a lot of meetings with international organizations and the management of universities. "The city I still only saw from the window of the car, but it is fantastic. Dushanbe is completely unique, it's rare where you can feel such atmosphere of warm hospitality like here "- shared her impressions Anna.