Beginning of the startups road

Every great business once started with its first baby step.

On the 30th of April «Astana Innovations» hosted master-class of Anna Degteryova, the CEO and founder of a business-accelerator Happy Farm and Happy Farm Kazakstan.

During the master-class «From startup to investor: way of thousand li», Ana spoke about building a business model from scratch and how to keep developing it throughout the whole process of development up until investment and further. Anna share her entrepreneurial experience with the audience, highlighted mistakes of young businessmen and shared the secret of a successful startup. As a serial entrepreneur Anna shared her thoughts about what qualities CEO and startup founder should have, how to organize effective team work, what is the most important when approaching investment stage among other.

Amazing and hospitable venue, playground «Astana Innovations», and Computers academy «Step», the organizer of the meeting with the participants, combined with Ana’s honesty gave excellent result. Here is what Anna has to say about the event: «High interest from the audience, interesting questions and pleasant company».