Happy Farm started working in Dushanbe

On May 26th 2015,  Anna Degtereva, managing partner of venture fund Happy Farm Ventures, founder and CEO of business accelerator Happy Farm (Ukraine-Kazakhstan), came  to Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  Mrs. Degtereva was invited to hospitable Tajikistan by IT business incubator. A very intensive three-day program consisted of a plenty of significant meetings and consultations. On the first day Anna held a familiarization training for employees of IT Business Incubator, shared her experience with start-ups and their promotion. On the same day a meeting with representatives of the World Bank took place, during which there were discussed prospects for the development and promotion of entrepreneurship in Tajikistan and the role, objectives and tasks of business incubators in this context.


Immediately after the meeting with the students of the local university, Moscow State University and Russian-Tajik Slavonic University (hereinafter – RTSU),  there was held a meeting with the Head of the Economics Faculty of RTSU.

 More than 200 people came to Anna’s master class at the hotel “Serena”.  Our CEO shared her own experiences and answered the questions during three hours. In an interview with Radio "Mir",  Anna mentioned that she  did not  expect so many  questions from the participants, and it showed that entrepreneurship had great prospects in Tajikistan.

There was a big meeting at the State Committee of Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan on May 27th, where officials and businessmen discussed the strategy for the development of business incubators in the country as a practice of support and development of innovative entrepreneurship. In this regard, it was a very interesting presentation by Anna in such an important and representative meeting. The participants are interested in the experience of CEO Happy Farm on creation and development of business incubators. This is quite understandable, because Business incubators work in the country is a necessary condition for the development of small business in the Republic.

Anna’s visit to the hospitable Tajikistan land was finished by training for top management of several large companies such as "Adad", "Softline Tajikistan", "R.I.S.K.".

This visit is the beginning of close cooperation, taking into account that, now Anna is the official leader-mentor of the IT Business Incubator in Dushanbe.